Enjoy your birdseed today!

It’s been so cold. I absolutely delight in standing at the window and watching all the little birds come to our feeders, to all the seed that is waiting there for them. I love to watch the happy, energetic dances of birds feeding and thrilled in what they’ve “found” for themselves.law of attraction birdfeeder

I will go to the woods today to gather mushrooms, as Source Energy (call it what YOU want) smiles and watches ME come to the feeder….


By the way… I did go mushrooming today. Not only did I find lots of lovely mushrooms to enjoy, and have a wonderful day with my wife, but also found this serene and inspiring river.

river Law of AttractionTake 1 minute and click here to enjoy The Lewis River scenery and sounds.

Free birdseed from the Universal Feeder.   

Perhaps that is life.  The seed is there and waiting, but you have to look for it.   You will find it.


When you find it –  great LOVE, Appreciation, and Awe is felt by all parties involved.