Yes, your friend IS a flake!

Take a snowflake. In fact, look at a whole field of them.  You’ll see just two simple building materials, Hydrogen and Oxygen.  A much simpler “ingredient” list than a human body, right?  Yet, each snowflake is an intricately, six folded symmetry of beautiful design, with very few repeats.snowflake 2

Do you know what organizes the symmetry and what predicts how each molecule will snap into precise place to build such incredibly intricate designs?  No? Don’t worry about it, nobody does.

It’s a bit like tornados as well. Despite being labeled as a  “F4 Tornado” on the Fujita Scale, that specific tornado is uniquely different than every other F4 tornado.  Think about it – at any point in its own life it will have a different collection of building debris, tree limbs, trailer parts, and cows in it than any other “F4 Tornado”.F4 tornado

Spinning where they are in the tornado because of their mass, or when and where they got sucked up- it is not the dirt or the metal  pieces, the cows or the trailer parts that make the tornado. Those parts make it visible, that’s all.  The Energy would be there regardless of having picked up those specific particles, or not, right?

Sure we like to label a tornado, or a person, or a body, or a snowflake, or a “bad day” or “good day”, or even a Thought.  But when you look closer, nothing is just a label. It is always an interactive mosaic of Energies.

You are only experiencing or seeing the “trailer parts” that have been picked up by the energies.

Here’s the most important part –  Just like a Tornado or a Stream or even You – a second after you’ve “measured” and labeled “it” –  it’s exact location and vector, or it’s precise quantities of materials and atoms,  it’s energy – has changed. 

In less time than it took you to label it, it has  already changed into something else.

Although we have quite a few more ingredients in our bodies than a snowflake, or a tornado, each of us are snapped together quite uniquely, and for the most part, quite beautifully.

Every second, each of our energies continue to pick up and discard different things, and we continue to change.

Labels be damned!   I’m my own spinning energy arranged like no other.  And so are YOU! And, so is your friend.

6 thoughts on “Yes, your friend IS a flake!

  1. Great analogies, using the snowflake and tornado to illustrate how our energies change us and we-as they are- never the same moment to moment. Gave me something interesting to think about as I navigate day-to-day!

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    • I appreciate the read and smile knowing the idea resonated. After all, isn’t that what most of us want, to feel connected, to understand that we are all having a similar experience and just express it differently? thanks for taking some time to read, and have a wonderful energy filled day expressing who YOU are – at THAT moment! 🙂 mikey

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