new eyes

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.   Quote from Marcel Proust.

.nervous ganglia  Nervous System Ganglia?  River System seen from space?   Circulatory system?   Oak tree?       YES to all of them, IF you look at it’s purpose from different points of view.

ACaFatd95nnbpALhyaRVqb7Cl66gDmGvWblLxSktRcKEnuQXGNW0ftPBUSyHa4OTsQHcouyt04RyE4mJfcXyzvd1oA1Lt-IHYn0ES5eAD0J1ZBp9FJ6sF-4Ue5_PtcVTMA~~New Erotic Eyes on a Day Lily’s Anthers and Stamen.

Planetary forces of a burnt pan.  planetary fields

  Discovery of a solar system in grains of sand in sea-weed egg casing.ADLTto-z6wHSVmQCcRd0ALU_EoIYQeADP20TjPTdE39bKvIkFKPhdgCZ851zfQUWLLPzlOEiCUYMlvoXc0GuzIMUA9evSTZXdP6AH4RUAzM2tMKouNOw99RotcZClNW-mw~~

Atmospheric picture of snowy northern mountains, or just burned food on a metallic pan?


Take a new perspective on something in life today, and see what you discover.

See your friend or co-worker differently.  See YOURSELF differently.

Enjoy the continuing voyage of discovery in LIFE.   Have fun.

10 thoughts on “new eyes

  1. I love these photos! They are really stunning. The infinite pattern of life. Have you seen the doco “Fractals, Hunting The Hidden Dimension.” If you haven’t, you’d like it! After you seen it I’ll have to tell you about my theory of God and the Big Bang Theory.

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    • always looking for new things to read, learn and think about – THANKS!!! i’ll check it out online and let you know. Yes, I’ve read about fractals, holograms and number sequences in nature and find it all interesting. Basically its just us finding patterns in the top .0001% of what is REALLY going on, I’ll bet. have a great week and thanks for the inspiration and source to inspire. momentummikey 🙂


    • OK Davina, I’ve done my homework, thank you Teacher. Loved the video, THANKS. my take- fractal geometry is just our way of expressing the morphic fields that Sheldrake has talked about for 20 years. That same morphic field that tells a branch or an artery to split, is the same fluid morphic field that tells a flock of birds or fish to split instantly into another direction. communication via energy quicker than physical photons of “seeing and responding”. I appreciate the video and something to stimulate some fresh thoughts!!!!! NOW, lay your theory of the Big Bang on me. hope you had a great week and looking forward to learning and being inspired some more. oh, by the way, the post I’ll send out this weekend was from YOUR inspiration about the motor boat and the sail boat. it will have a link to your site, hope you don’t mind. peace my friend! momentummikey


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