You CAN do it, take a breath…

When you are faced with a mountain ahead of you, don’t let your eyes (or your mind) fool you!  When we are faced with learning Life’s lessons,  or a new job or any new Goal- we tend to get impatient.  I WANT IT NOW.  Get me to the top of that mountain now!

mt hood

Mt Hood, OR 5/30/16

Try not to let your Frustration weigh you down my friends.  Louise Hay reminds us that “Impatience is the resistance to learning. Those little steps, one by one, must be taken.”    That really made me pause for a minute and think –  Impatience is the resistance to learning–  pretty neat thought.

So- Its OK, take a breath. Pause.  Enjoy looking back to see the ground you’ve already covered. It’ll give you strength and remind you of how strong you really are! It’ll remind you of all the steps you’ve already taken.  Remember that at one time, each of THOSE hill tops was THE hurdle that WAS in front of you!   

You faced them as you face this one,  thinking the same fear- CAN I DO IT?    YOU CAN!   You already have, many times.

diminishing perspective

Turn around to enjoy where you’ve already been.


Take some time, your neck works and so does your memory.  Take pride in the fact that  YOU are an AMAZING collection of Universal Energies collected like no other!!

Feel the joy of what you have already Done, and Seen, and Felt, and Learned,  and Conquered. Of ALL the steps you’ve taken so far.

Life is the journey, enjoy the VIEW as you go.  All peaks shall pass.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. And, I agree, sometimes it is good to take a look back and see how far you have come…giving you confidence and motivation to keep going.

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    • so cool when that happens, never know when or where some piece of spark will come from! know that you sparked ideas today in folks too- let’s keep it rolling, thanks! 🙂

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  2. A great post which aligns to one of my favourite sayings: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.. Thanks for sharing x

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