“A chicken and some toilet paper”

…..she said as the car door closed.

55 minutes later, out comes a cart, my wife and a receipt for $167. 58!!   I guess the price of those oven roasted chickens has really sky-rocketed.

From Kitchenettes to Kosher Rolls to Tires and Telephones – you can get almost anything at some of these huge shopping centers and “Big Box” stores.   

The biggest reason they’re so popular is because generally, I think a lot of us are lazy. Some of us just like to go grab a 6’ cart and go wander in a Big Box store and drift through it to SEE WHAT WE GET.

costco picture

Guaranteed you will come out with stuff you had no Intention of getting, am I right? You’ll use it, but you certainly didn’t know you wanted it until it was presented to you so conveniently, so it ends up in your cart.

The problem starts when we start “Big Boxing” our LIFE.  As a sperm, we all fought for THE goal – That Egg!      But then, as we grew older, we learned to wander, to become Unfocused.  We begin to “Big- Box” our Lives.  

  • Do you just settle for, and take what you easily wander by every day in life?
  • OR – Do you actively seek with a specific Intention?

It’s the difference between a flashlight and a candle.  One focuses the frequencies of energy (light) and become a more useful tool in life.  Look what a laser can do with even more focused frequencies! Ouch.

Do you have “stuff” in your life that you don’t want?  “Stuff” that you would have never asked for?  Maybe it was put in your cart by you without any thought.   Do not be distracted by the constant, barrage of opinions and thoughts that do not align with YOUR own.  Don’t let others fill your cart.

Hocus Pocus Focus.   With alignment of intentions, energy and focused thoughts – comes Magic