Happy Valentine’s, dearest larvae

Valentine’s Day –  a day to think about LOVE.      So why the “larvae”?  Allow me to backtrack for a second….

Love is seen and felt when we connect, when we are reminded of the Greatness in us.

I don’t believe it is Given, as much as it is Reflected, Shown, or Focused upon.


soon to be a Swallowtail butterfly…


When someone does something loving, they are not giving Love – they are only doing something that Allows someone else to Focus on the “Love” that is already inside us.



Those feelings of Greatness, of Love, of being True to who you are-  THOSE are the feelings that are continually attracting us, are beckoning us to become MORE of that.  It just feels “right”.   It pulls you to advance into something more.   Now- here comes the larvae!

When we do what comes naturally, we feel great. We feel Love, Ease and Creative.  We feel Growth. We feel the expansion of becoming more.  We want to be a better husband, or wife, or friend.  We find a way to do it.  We want to continue growing. The larvae wants to become the incredible swallowtail butterfly,  the sick cell wants to become a healthier cell, the divided want to become one, and Evolution continues to expand….

Even when the Physical cells stop working,  LOVE becomes more. It becomes More Energy.    As The Beatles sang –  “I don’t know why you say Good Bye, I say Hello, Hello, Hello”     A New energy form or connection, a new form of Love- wants to say Hello.  “Good-bye” is just what the old larvae says, or physical body says. Good- bye is what the old relationship says, as it evolves into something better.

Open yourself to LOVE, it’s everywhere and has great Momentum. Continue to say “Hello” to the greatest energies that surround us. LOVE.

Look for it. Feel it. Radiate it. It’s there, just connect.  Become that magnificent butterfly you are intended to become.


3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s, dearest larvae

  1. “When someone does something loving, they are not giving Love – they are only doing something that Allows someone else to Focus on the “Love” that is already inside us.”

    To quote Cheech (or was it Chong?) ‘Whoaa’

    That is DEEP, my friend. No BS, I went and got my journal and wrote that on the front page. That may not seem like much on the surface, but I leave my first page empty to put the REALLY special things. This concept qualifies.

    May I take the above quote and muse with it on my blog? With a link back to your post, of course. I understand if you prefer I didn’t ‘murder your darling’, so to speak. That one just hit me like the Spanish Inquisition… totally unexpected. (See what I did there?) 😉

    Thanks again for your visit and stellar comment on my blog! You’re magnificent, MomentumMikey!


    • I’m so glad I went in to look at blog today, to connect with your thoughts. Sure, take anything from any blogging- if you want, give credit- I don’t really care, they’re just thoughts that went thru my head, and if they help brighten someone else’s day then you sharing it is worth it big time!! You’ve got a sharp sense of humor and writing style, so am sure YOU will make many smile. (But remember- even when and IF no one comments- the journey is for you.) Even when no one comments- you never know how your words affected their day! You leave ripples, and commenting or not, YOU may have lifted their spirits and then they lifted someone’s spirits, and on and on…and the silent (but energetically, karma or whatever, yup, LABEL is given to it). So- KNOW that expressing your thoughts is all you CAN do, and KNOW you’ve done your part in humanity expanding into Greatness! ALSO- make sure you leave a couple pages in your journal empty for all those HUGE thoughts that YOU are going to have, my friend!!!! THOSE are the creative ones that will REALLY mean something!!! 🙂 I can tell by your enthusiasm and energy, that you’ve got more great thoughts to express, digest, and Feel. Nothing broken here, no cast needed- but happy to drop my comments if it adds to your fun adventure. “Dig” the dig, to throw back to Cheech’s day … 🙂 have a wonderful week, hope you are filled with curiosity, insights, growth, FUN, and Peace. enjoy.

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      • Thank you for your kind words, my friend! I’m looking forward to many more insights from your blog!
        You have such a great energy! My expanded musing on your quote will be up soon!
        Have a wonderful day!!


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