Perceive a Happy, new year


just some oil and water in the kitchen…


“The real voyage of Discovery is NOT seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Other people and situations may not change this year – but I can change my perception.

I will not enslave MY  Happiness and Joy to what others do, or to what happens AROUND me.   I can respond however I wish.   Habits, thoughts and reactions can all be engineered to build a better place.

law of attraction momentum eyeball

just a reflection of my eye on a picture.


                                              Give yourself  a wonderful New Year, my friend!





6 thoughts on “Perceive a Happy, new year

  1. Habits, thoughts and reactions can all be engineered to build a better place. Never were words so true. In the last few years I have discovered that the only perception I should have is that of my own. I build my own happiness and as I build my place is a better place. If we all did that and our good place merged with other’s good places then the world would be a better place. Thanks Mike, for once again challenging all of us.

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    • thanks for stopping by. yeah, its been a while since writing. I started realizing that “who was I to suggest to others, what MY reality and lessons in life mean to others. Everyone has their own path, and my lessons were for me.” so I stopped putting them out there. I don’t know, it just kinda seemed not to be important to express what I was learning, to others. still don’t know, but everyonce in a while I feel like sharing a tidbit. nice to see you still sharing and keeping the positive vibes and expression of life flowing. wow, that’s quite a response, oiy! be happy, know you are part of such an eternal flow of energy, appreciate it all! 🙂

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      • Oh I get this !! YOU are such a gift to this world/time and have often brought a smile to my face so it has been nice to connect. We do our best and what feels right. And yes, appreciation and joy are oh so important. Wishing you much! Take care, keep being you and chat again soon!

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