“The Dam is breaking!”

and indeed it was….

The three little girls had worked diligently, and had fun, digging a large hole and a castle in the sand next to the surf.  Running lawofattraction-momentummikeyback and forth, with squeals of joy, and zest for life, they had filled it with water from the ocean.   But now, as temporal as ever, their creation was dissolving before their young eyes.

One of the girls was shrieking “The dam is breaking”  “It’s all gonna’ break up!”  The other girl running as fast as she could with her little pail was shouting commands to her sister and friend.  “Get more more mud!”   “Get more sloppy sand!”

Picture them 30 or 40 years later, now wearing  business clothes.   Same reactions, just a different daily emergency to JUMP and ACT and WORRY about, that’s all.

Far too many waves come and go for us to panic every time. 

This mental model of “The dam is breaking!” is as real, and just as fleeting, as the sand castle of yesteryear, my friends.    The dam breaks, the water or surf wins for a moment, and time washes on. Another dam is built, more joy and laughter and then, once again, tensions and panic and hurried action….

ENJOY the ease and comfort knowing everything is OK.

Flow and change and life unfolding will ALWAYS continue. If you want, look thru history.  Look at your own history. Many seaside dams were built, and all of them were washed away.   Yet all were built upon the foundations of older ones…

STOP.  Smile and appreciate that there is always more sand to carve and work with.

ENJOY YOUR LIFE ON THE BEACH.   Smile today at the dams you are building. Enjoy the memories of the ones you built and are no longer visible.  Stay eager and excited about the ones you still want to build, my friend.    Enjoy the never ending process.

A fish, an ego and the Universe

Ever go snorkeling?  Amazing fun isn’t it?  You can enjoy the incredibly peaceful Flow of Oxygen thru a snorkel as you float on the surface of the warm, safe waters. Aaaahh, like a meditation.

You feel a connection to Pure Source Energy (please use whatever Label you like for IT). You feel Awe, Inspiration, Love, Gentleness, and Appreciation there on the surface.

Suddenly, a Problem Fish swims by. (cue sinister music here…)

The little bugger just chaffed up against  your outer protection, your Ego wet suit.  THE NERVE! You’d like to ignore it, but with enough chaffing of your wet suit, you’ll get a hole and YOU will be exposed. You’d better catch and teach that little fish NOT to do that again!

You could just let it swim by, but no – you want to “school” that nasty fish! (ouch, sorry.)

Photograph by David Wrobel, SeaPics

As you stare at it and think of a Defense, the Problem Fish draws your Attention downward.  You suddenly find yourself amazed at the shifting and complicated patterns of it. It seemed so simple at first, but the more attention you give it, you see it really has some attitude about it.

You take a huge gulp of air and you dive down to chase this little nemesis. As you dive down, you increase your distance from your natural FLOW of Oxygen, your Life Sustaining Energy, and instantly feel worse.

You’ve left the warm feelings of Freedom, and a relaxed Awareness to feeling pressure and tight. Oh, you REALLY HAVE  TO catch and fillet that thing now!   Get the wasabi or tartar sauce ready!

Painfully, as you give it more Attention, it continues to swim just a little faster than you and remains elusively out of your reach.

Feel the power of that litte fish!  It’s ugly and only a few inches long, but it seems to have the strength of the mightiest sea Kraken of yore. Rather than just letting it go, IT now seems to be dragging you down into the depths.

You’ve almost forgotten how Easy and Balanced you used to feel up top.

The Surface still calls to you, but you don’t hear it.  Your Attention has shifted.

Gently bring your attention back to the Peacefulness of the Energy, the Oxygen that gives us all LIFE.   Refocus you attention.

Re-center and Just Let Go.

The Universe has your back!  Remember when YOU USED TO  Feel its Warmth?