Face it, we’re all Funguys!

I had a beautiful walk in the woods yesterday and noticed that there are lots of individualistic fungi growing on nearly everything out there!

orange conk

Fungi live on an extremely fine and articulate neural network called mycelium (a natural version of the Internet) that helps all plants live, eat and communicate with each other.    The Fruit that manifests from this organization of awareness and connection, is the Mushroom.  I believe I too am just a fruited (hey, watch it) body from a field of awareness and biology.

So, I guess it turns out, I’m a fungi.  And so are you.hedgehog






Some of us feed off of Coniferous trees, Peat, or Business, or Law.yellow mold

Some of us thrive on Oaks, or Apple trees, or Spirituality, Health, or Technology.


Some of us grow best and feed from straw, or Willows, or Nature, or Kindness or Family.

black cups

The beauty of it is that None of us are the same. Thankfully, we each need a different substrate to grow  in so that the world will thrive in different shapes and colors.

*** But here’s the IMPORTANT part****

But WHAT we all do – is the same!    Fungi can break down the cellulose in wood  and create a new living soil where insects and new seeds and birds and plants will thrive.  Like them, We ALL take the wood, the stiffness of past Energy, and break it down and re-purpose it.    We bring new life to it.    We make it useable to a  new generation.nests eysee

Each of YOU breathe new Life into something, for the next generation.   You each give old ideas new awareness!  You and I take the static and again make it something dynamic!

And the Forests, the Universe, looks back at you and smiles, and says Thank You for your part.

Are you Croaking?

Croaking in a froggy kinda’ way…

frog 2 4lawofattractionYou’d think that living in the greenest and freshest areas, and being able to climb walls or jump like a Super Hero – would make it happy.    BUT NO!

Just like you and I.  Compared to how people lived just a couple hundred years ago, WE are given every commodity we need to survive – and BEYOND.   Yet, we still sound like the frog when you stop to listen to most of us.

Listen to the frog.  Even the name we’ve given his stressed voice brings to mind a harsh event. Its not “Singing” or “Cooing” like the birds above- nope- its “CROAKING”.

Listen again to the frog-   Riiiibbbbb-  ittt.    The only animal so fat and full that we can’t even SEE its rib cage! But still Croaaaakkkkking, and complaining- Riiiibbbb  itttt.

Listen to that glistening, little fella’ out there in the moss.  He sounds like he is so rusty, barely able to get a breath or sound out despite living in a world of moisture.  He sounds more like a rusty door out in the middle of a ghost town!  The very opposite of what he is and where he lives.  What’s up little Frog?

Oh, wait- we’re like that too aren’t we?

Can’t exactly go around expressing pure Joy, and Love and Happy Energy to the folks in the office can we?  Or to the family, or the neighbors, or your friends all the time, can we? You’ve got to wear that “Badge of Busy-ness”, and make sure everyone knows and sees that you suffer- just enough.   So you can be like them.

Reminds me of one of my favorite cartoon scenes as a kid… click Warner Bros.

RiIiiiibbbbb itttttt barely squeaks out – why sound so beat down and rough and dry – when you are not?

Why sound like something you’re not, little frog?