Now it’s our turn

I had the wonderful pleasure of watching a flock of birds last night. Most of you have enjoyed a similar sight, especially at dusk.flock-of-birds

It was the most peaceful and soothing moment in my day.   🙂  Enlarge it on your screen and flow and fly just for 2 minutes out of your day.    Such grace and beauty in the way they flew together, endless shifting directions,  making corners and changing directions instantly AS ONE UNIFIED BEING. Why?   How?  No calls, no squawking, no injuries –  just peaceful movement.

Some folks I know can’t turn a corner or change a lane without using blinkers, horns, or fingers in some cases, without confusion and accidents and anger.

Yet, watch these guys fly.  Especially watch at 1:42 minutes, where  the birds divide and regroup in a beautiful explosion of movement, and keep flying. Not one bird with ruffled feathers drops out.   Rupert Sheldrake spoke of Morphic Resonance, and there’s been hundreds of names and theories, but instead of thinking –  just enjoy it and feel the beauty of it.  

Now, its our turn. Be in tune. Listen to the energies around YOU.

Merge with the Greater energy.

Enjoy the dances of our life.

Chickadee-dee-dee-ing or Crowing?

Nature’s candy, as big as quarters!  Somebody pinch me, I’m dreaming!

I was picking Blueberries in a serene little setting a few days ago.  A few majestic Oak trees and softer Willows that surrounded the blueberry patch were filled with the trills, chuwees, chick-a-dee-dee-dees, and coo-coos of birds that had probably already picked and eaten what they wanted for breakfast.

Birds of various sizes and colors occasionally flew out and over me to see what this new berry picker was.

The setting was harmonic. Peaceful.  Until… (cue the sinister theme music here.)

There was a car door slam, voices began, and another couple showed up to also pick berries. (Why,the nerve of them!)  Within minutes of coming down a nearby blueberry row to pick, they began their own crowing about what to do with certain family members, and friends, that weren’t “living right”.

The couple was full of decisions, and plans on how to correct those unfortunate others. They came up with directions, incentives, and plans on how to manage quite a few of their “friends” and family members.

baby birds

Meanwhile, in the background, the birds just whistled and sang. It sounded like they were giving thanks for the food that was plentiful and so easily had. Their dusky throated buzzes and warbling attracted mates to them. Their coos, trills and chibirii-chibiriis all came out beautifully to express the unique Greatness in each of them.

The foreigners just continued to squawk about how they ought to “control”, “lead” and “help out” those others that were “not living right”. They clucked on and on about why so and so was “not living up to their potential”, and why another was “just plain wrong about how they treated” so and so.

As I shifted my focus back to the tree-line, I’m no ornithologist, but I don’t believe I heard one single bird planning, judging or condemning another one.

Although, I may have heard one or two birds complaining about ME showing up there in what (unbeknownst to the farmer) was its own little smorgasbord.

I understoood. I don’t like anyone invading my area either.

We all have our own fields full of fruit given to us. How we pick, what we pick, how quickly we find a place to gather from, and our path we choose through the field – is decided by each of us. 

This is MY life’s journey.  This is YOUR life’s journey.  It’s what you came for. It’s what I came for. 

You know that you and I have the same beautiful and harmonic trills, calls, and whistles that the birds have, don’t you?

You have the same incredible things to sing about; food, shelter and mating.

What sounds would someone hear if they came to YOUR field?