Shasta the manifester and sea-gull chaser

shasta at rialto beachBorn and given away, she carried no anger or resentment, she only wanted to be loved. She got it.

Living for weeks on a concrete pound floor, she knew there was carpet and softer things again.  She got them.

She knew there would be food when she needed it, and sometimes when she just wanted it.   Boy, was there!

She wanted a soft place to lay when she was tired. She got it.

She knew she was part of a family, and it would be wonderful.   It Was!

She knew she had spirit and love to give.  She gave it.

She only wanted to play, and chase things and explore.  She did it.

She knew when it was time to move on and to teach us not to fear death.  She has moved on and taught us the simplicity of being an endless energy.

Our friend, over the last 15 years, Shasta lived simply and yet manifested everything she wanted and needed.

These tears are only for me.

We have so much to learn from our pets.