iPhone 6, really? So primitive…

OK, enough of the kiddie’s play. A new phone every month, thinner screen, bendable, blah blah blah. Big deal.  I want to know when Apple is going to REALLY get Inventive and Powerful?

Connecting with the Web is so passe, so 1990s. The Web is for kids learning about dogs and ponies and other one dimensional information, like dating.

I want to know – When is the “iString” going to be released?

I want that Universal Interconnection. I want to connect through one of the String Theorist’s Strings!  Some theorists propose that there are 10 or more realities going on at one time that are all interwoven. Yeah, let’s tap into a couple of those babies!  That’s being connected! 

I can do that, without going to the nearest Phone store and being mentally abused by kids just out of diapers. How?  -They came out with the product just a few thousand years ago. Meditation 1.0, I think they called it.


  • Absolutely No Roaming Charges.by brett jordan
  • Advanced sensors for viewing a Bigger Picture of things.
  • Picture screen is as Clear as your imagination.
  • Efficient Power Source.
  • Advanced and Increased Memory Ability and Technology.
  • The perfect blend of Hardware and Software functioning together.
  • Batteries are totally recharged AS you use it.
  • Connectivity from practically anywhere.

The original sales pitch for it also included Support and Help Desk for processing pain and emotion, increased body awareness, decreased effects from colds, improved immunity functions, increased energy and creativity, higher focus and concentration, and increased productivity.

Since the original model, there’s been countless styles created. You can even go to YouTube and find a User’s Manual that will show you how to use any model. Maybe try a couple different models, and find the perfect fit for YOU!

Be Patient with yourself. It may take a week or two to get used to using something new.

So, if you haven’t already invested in a nest egg for the i-String when it comes out, go ahead and try an older version.  Guaranteed –  Best Connection and Service!


(image from brett jordan)

Do you Feel like a Fish?

Electricity, Solar Power, Gravity, Magnetism, Thermodynamics etc…

  • Even before we knew about Them, They existed in some form.
  • THEY have not changed and only come forth in the last 100 years.
  • The world did not BECOME round when sailors discovered other unseen lands, right?
  • The Law of Gravity did not begin to work AFTER you understood it.
  • WE have only changed in our ABILITY to “see” or measure or utilize them.
  • THEY are the Laws of the Universe.

Salmon and other fish, butterflies, most birds, oysters, bats, sea turtles- just about any animal– survive by using Frequencies to find “Home” or to find Nourishment. Do you think salmon call it Vibrational Frequencies, or Magnetic Polarization, or do you think it’s just something they feel? I doubt they understand the mechanics of it as we do, yet they ALLOW AND USE  those “feelings” in ways we only dream of.

Photograph by Peter Essick

Photograph by Peter Essick

When was the last time YOU correctly navigated thousands of miles, or flocked with precision movement in a group of thousands using just your Feelings, or found dinner with just your sense of smell or hearing? (Well, OK, maybe we’ve managed that one.)  Animals- they merely listen, they tune in to the various energy frequencies that exist, and thrive by using them.


They don’t spend their lives debating How they work, what it’s called, IF it exists, who has the RIGHT perception of it, etc… and yet they live and use it successfully.  Are we so stuck on LABELING the same energy that we forsake the ABILITIES to use it?

This planet is held in it’s very location and survives because of Energy Frequencies.


Who knows what New Energy Sources and Frequencies  the future and new machinery will help us Label and Validate the existence of in the near future? (The secret… is that ALL of IT already exists. IT’s just waiting for us.)

As Deepak Chopra points out in “Quantum Healing”,  if you put iron filings on one side of a paper and a magnet on the other, you can make the iron filings dance “by themselves”.

You’d swear they were alive if you didn’t KNOW about the magnet.

Do you think Fish and other Animals Understand about Magnets?  Or do they just FEEL?

SOMETIMES IT IS BETTER to not spend your time trying to explain, or trying to agree on How to Label the magnet.

 Simply enjoy the dance they can provide.