Are you Purchasing Chaos?

Anybody ever go to a store with a shopping list? Me too, but I used other people’s money (woo-hoo!) and called it a Purchase Order and it was for work.

I purchased Garage Doors and Fireplaces for a distributor in the construction industry. Every day I would look through reports for upcoming jobs for the company and then place Purchase Orders with vendors to be shipped to us to have in time for the builder’s schedule.

Days, or weeks later, the trucks would arrive at our docks with the PO. You hoped the Purchase Order came complete, on time and with exactly what you ordered.

Rarely did it work out that way.  Most days the warehouse would end up scrambling trying to “rob Peter to pay Paul” as the expression goes, to get enough product to complete jobs on a day to day basis.

Same thing happens when you forget something at the store. First comes frustration, then anger maybe, then comes the chaotic revision in plans, or shuffling of other plans, ouch!   Sound Familiar?

Every single one of us has this same daily process. Our  own personal Momentum  (Momentum = Mass x Velocity) is writing our Purchase Orders (know it or not) every day, we get our truck, and then we react to what shows list on rock by Richard Parsons

Depending upon what shows up, or what we forgot to focus on, our life can be Smooth, or  we’ll be frantic in actions trying to constantly smooth out situations with emergency reactions.

Once the Momentum has brought the truck, and it is at my dock I am stuck with that inventory. Period, sorry Charlie.  I certainly can’t change “what I wanted” AFTER the truck arrived. (Like losing a game of chess)

The need for the most accurate PO possible is PARAMOUNT, and my most crucial proactive responsibility.  Botta’ Bing – there’s the whole Secret!

One key to avoiding Chaos,is to use the Past Usage as only one small tool, if at all, then take a look at where I want to be, or what is wanted in the future, and go Forward.

I certainly couldn’t just use the same data from the Purchasers before me, even the ones that trained me, or use an Auto-Pilot for Ordering from “what I wanted last year, or 2 or 10 years ago”.

If I purchased with the same old “what I did last year” items, then my truck loads would never answer what is needed in the future!  Everything is always changing.

That information might have worked THEN- but today and tomorrow are NEW and I want to create a new, better stocked life in MY warehouse.


(thanks to Richard Parsons for the Shopping List image!)