Relax and suck it up

One of my favorite things as a kid was using crazy straws. Remember those?

No matter what drink it was, stick a crazy straw in it and it instantly became fun.   Ah, life before the internet…

crazy straw

Are you still using one daily?  NO?  Maybe we should, they have so much to teach us.  Crazy straws want to remind us:

  1. BE AWARE -Don’t use yesterday’s straw!!    Don’t let yesterday’s straw ruin or taint today’s drink!  Yesterday’s (or last year’s) residue will only ruin a perfectly great, new daily flavor!   Don’t waste your time trying to clean it all out thinking about how it got gunked up –  just get a new one every morning when you wake up!   New day = New flavor
  2. Sometimes it’s going up, sometimes down, sometimes even sideways, and sometimes you can’t even see where or what direction it’s going, don’t sweat it. AND DON’T QUIT!  That’s life. It’s all in line with a bigger plan. It’ll arrive.
  3.  Decide what YOU want to drink before you settle on something that someone else just offers you.  Once you start drawing or sucking it, you’ll get it- but by then it’s too late to change flavors, to say “Woops, I didn’t really want that!”  What are you dunking your straw into today?
  4. Don’t compare your drink and how quickly you’re getting it, with anyone else!  Find your own speed that’s comfortable, you don’t want to pass out, or drink too quickly, you don’t want a Brain Freeze after all!

Keep your momentum going and you’ll get Whatever YOU DECIDE to drink.  First thing in the Morning, get yourself a NEW straw for your life, and stick it into something clean and nourishing like Universal Goodness, Love, Peace, Happy Thoughts and Knowing that whatever you draw in today, will be best for you.

My deepest wish for you my friend is that you enjoy your drinking of Life. Enjoy all the loops you’ll take.   KNOW that it’s All Good, even when you seem to be going up, down, sideways, or loopty loops.    No doubt, the upcoming year will provide all those choices.

Here’s a little secret for you– the drink never really ends anyway, so don’t worry about it.  ENJOY.

Improve your Winning odds with this secret.

Daylight Saving Time is a great reminder, huh?  Time, and what it means to us, really is subjective. It’s probably even a different “Time” where you are, than where I am when you are reading this. Time is just an adjustable man-made label and concept we use.

So WHY allow IT to control the progression of your life? Let me explain…

New Year’s is coming up.  Everyone will be making new resolutions, right?  By the time you’re 40 or 50 or 60 years old – you’ve mindfully / verbally  “resolved” that you’d try something new about 30 or 40 or 50 times.

happy new year's - momentumWhat a wasted opportunity! Why not multiply your chances of succeeding to your dreams by a factor of 364! (Look at what just a slight edge in odds does for Las Vegas!) Remember “New Year’s Day” or “What time is it?” – is subjective upon where you are in the world.

Every day that you wake up could be a celebration of a “new year” from that calendar date from last year. Follow? Today starts a new year IF we are to arrange the calendar how WE want. Why just celebrate when someone else tells you to?

What are your best chances TO SEE YOUR DREAMS AND CREATE YOUR LIFE, THE WAY YOU WANT IT?  Limiting to only 40 chances or taking 14,600 chances? Make your best odds. 

Best part is – you don’t even have to tell anyone that you’ve already started your New Year’s Resolutions. Then, when Jan and February roll around and they’re whining about not sticking to their resolutions, they’ll be asking you how YOU did it.  You’ll have stuck to at least 2 or 3 or 5 or 10 new resolutions over the next couple months, and they’ll be totally jealous and want to know your secret.   Imagine, now, how those resolutions will be paying off for you after a couple of months of doing it.  Oh yeah!!

Today, celebrate Happy New You’s Day.  Practice activating more of your resolution to get what you want from life.

LIFE expands and calls to you daily – NOT just once a year.

Be willing to go after what you want. Improve your odds and win more from life.