Stalking the Wild Pendulum, by Itzhak Bentov

One word summary for the book-  Zip-Line.

Itzhak invites us in innocently enough by talk of vibrations and frequency. Next thing you know he’s discussing frequency coherency and holograms. Suddenly, you’re strapped in and he’s pushed you off the edge and you are on a crazy Bentov Bender zip line through the consciousness of the cosmos. Hang on.

Forty years after this was written, I believe this book still pushes the edge of what we think about our place in the Universe, ourselves as holograms, and how Consciousness interacts with the Universe.

Just a few of the Free Toys inside this heavy box of Bentov Bran Flakes include:

  • Everything comes down to frequency. Get the right frequency and you entrain with the cosmos. Your energy can travel around the world seven times a second.
  • His own model of the Universe (even designed after a jelly doughnut) complete with Black Holes, White Holes, Matter, an Axis of Time, Light Escapement, the Universal Mind Hologram, Expansion and Informational Fields of Energy.  You’ve never seen toys like this.
  • Discussions on Relative Realities, Levels of Evolution and Consciousness Hierarchies.
  • Ideas suggesting Poltergeists, ESP, Psychokinesis,Psychic Healing and other phenomena, Telepathy, and Mystical experiences are all just consciousness on a higher level.

A real masterpiece of creativity and a plethora of crazy ideas, mixed with plenty of hand drawn graphs and doodles to exemplify his points.

I believe you could  kick back and randomly open the book and discuss any idea on a given page for hours with your buddies.

Oh, by the way, it would really help if your buddies were also a stoned Hippie, an Astro-Physicist, and a Philosopher.