Law of Attraction is a Double Edged Oyster Shell

The beach started spinning, the sun’s heat beat down on me and I was going to pass out.  I was instantly coated with sweat and I could feel the blood drain from my face.

Very slowly, I sat down on the oyster strewn beach while my wife said something about how pale I looked.  I focused my best to “see” the cut heal and stay closed so it wouldn’t gush, way out here away from any hospital or stitches or town.

So THAT, my friends, is the “forgotten” side of Law of Attraction. Regardless of wanted or unwanted, you become what you think about.  

See, I had never oystered before because –

  1. I’m generally lazy and it looks like work,
  2. they’re hard to find, they’re sharp and they’re hard to open, and
  3. Oh yeah,  I  CAN BUY THEM IN A STORE!!

My wife, Jeanne, has been wanting to go for quite some time, but I’ve been dragging my feet knowing the true hardships of it.

For the two days prior to going on our first oyster expedition, I had warned Jeanne about the sharp edges, and the danger and difficulty of opening an oyster – IF we even found any. Being the incredible person she is, she just ignored my fears and said “let me at ’em!”  Silly, silly girl!    Regardless, I got her some gloves and we headed out.


oyster beds at low tide

Long story short, we went and found the oyster beds, and she put on the gloves but was not able to open any.  I wanted to step in. Using only one glove, (the Michael Jackson Oyster Technique), I had opened up just four of them before I made the mistake I had been repeatedly telling her all about.

My un-gloved hand slipped while pushing in against the hard oyster shell, and my knuckles slammed along the sharp oyster shell ridges. Like any thin incision I felt it cut deep and clean and immediately instinct told me to keep the cut closed.  The nerve and cut sent me spinning with dizziness, and that’s when I had to slowly sit down.

The Happy Ending – By the end of the day we had limited out and got all our oysters. Jeanne was the hero of the day, as she wanted to learn how to do it herself –and then proceeded to shuck 32 oysters like a pro!

It was the great, new experience that she had been wanting.

Me?  I too had fun, but overall, I just felt a lot of pride and love and respect for her– as she stepped up to “cover the slack” from her one handed husband!   (Oh, and I got to keep my fingers!)

Most of all, the Law of Attraction had served me up a Pearl on a half shell.

Regardless of Wanted or Unwanted, we become our thoughts.  Be deliberate about what you focus upon.