Who is Momentum Mikey?

My favorite expression, besides “What are we doing for dinner?”  –   is  “Life leaps like a geyser for those who drill through the rock of inertia.”

Probably because-

1. I worked at Yellowstone National Park for five summers and just loved to watch that raw power come rushing up and bursting out so suddenly from the earth.

2.  I have made such an incredible turn around in my own life that I now feel similar strength and “life leaping”, as I continue to crush some old inertia!

Ok, so I’m an old geyser (NOT a geezer!) named Mike.

  • I’ve worked on a shrimp and clam boat in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Studied at Villanova University, Florida State University and ended up with a final degree in Fish and Wildlife Sciences from Oregon State University.
  • I’ve been evacuated out of roaring forest fires twice.
  • Hiked streams for a living looking for salmon.
  • Had careers in Advertising, the Salon industry and the Fireplace industry.
  • Been in every US state except for Alaska (give me time.)
  • Best thing I ever did – was to marry my sweetheart Jeanne, from Oregon.
  • We now live just outside Seattle, WA.

No matter where I went or who I talked to, everyone had their own perspective on things, and everyone seemed to be looking for one thing. Happy.

When I pieced together how a few scientific ideas validated the whole thought process of “we become what we think”, then the geyser that is Mike just started erupting baby!   Oh, what an experience!  Life became incredible again!

The science that we all had been taught is really just the Law of Attraction in different words. Suddenly, I felt thrilled that I could connect right and left brained ideas and actually use both halves to help explain how life really does “become what you think about”. Hey, what do you know, the Buddha was right.

Join me around the table here, or maybe just pull up some pillows on the sofa if you want, and let’s see if a few new ideas might just help crush any inertia you may not want, or continue to energize that inertia that you’re already building on purpose!  At the very least, have a few laughs with, and occasionally, at me.

MY GOAL- spark some of your own Fire and Inspiration.   I owe a lot to the folks who have inspired me, and it is only right to continue their dreams and inspiration to make this world an incredible place.

YOU have an AWESOME geyser in you as well!    Let it out!

Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to reading your Comments so I can learn from your thoughts as well.

Break through that Inertia my friend, and YOU WILL AMAZE yourself with your own Greatness!!!

Your friend,  Momentum Mikey

(or check out my daily inspiration on Twitter @ MomentumMikey)


Who Is Momentum Mikey?”  from The Scleroderma Evergreen Chapter:

“Mike is a volunteer and friend who is always there to give you a good healthy laugh and outlook on life, a boost in your confidence,  a smoother road on your journey, and who can help you to see that yes, your cup is definitely half full.  He gives all of us  these gifts, whether he is  our hilarious MC at our annual Scleroderma Spring Fling auction or our visiting Christmas Elf at our Scleroderma Christmas parties, or helping us with our projects or just having a coffee break.  He is definitely there to bring us all up, even when we do not even think we need it….We need more Mikes is this life.  He is contagious, thank goodness!” – Mary M

54 thoughts on “Who is Momentum Mikey?

  1. Hello Mikey – very interesting and uplifting read – I love different perspectives on life! Thank you so much for stopping by and for the follow. Hope to see you often.
    cate b


  2. Hi Mikey, I’ve just discoverd your blog and really enjoyed reading your posts, look forward to be following for more. I’m not a science person myself, and therefore love it when it’s brought down to an easier level, even more so if it also connects to our daily (emotional) life.


    • Thanks so much for the comment and for stopping by. Your jewellery and the “digital stuff” you love- all linked by science. Its just that most science teachers don’t communicate THAT connection. That’s ok, I’ve never learned that much about the parts of life that you’re passionate about, so it’ll be fun as I learn more from your experience of life. Thanks for being willing and open to share ideas.


  3. Being an (originally) Oregonian Girl myself, I know you must be cool to have married Jeanne, another Oregonian Girl. Also your attitude is outstanding. Thank you for being you, for caring and sharing! Penny 🙂


    • hey thanks for popping by…. 🙂 like yourself, “creating time for stillness, quietness, receptivity” automatically adds the smile I’ve always looked for. you keep on having the incredible Braveness of yours, I’ll spread some smiles, and the world continues to improve! thanks!!


  4. Hi and thanks for stopping by Evolution Made Easier and taking the time to give me a like. I always appreciate when someone does that, plus it helps me find out what they’re up to, like this blog of yours and this good “Who Is…” post. Quite an interesting life you’ve had so far, and I have no doubts about that continuing. Keep up the “geyser-y-ness” !

    Liked by 1 person

    • I really appreciate the link to Thich Nhat Hanh’s words today as he has so much to say. he was in fact a strong opinion behind my concern/question on my post today – so I really appreciate your inspiring post of his. keep on spreading that great inspiration of yours, take care, Mikey

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Erika. I appreciate your thought. I read a little about it on your site, so thank you for the respect. 🙂
      I’m sure its great to be back home and getting back into the old groove. I’m so happy you had the opportunity to do that. good luck on catching up with your crazy positive Momentum you’ve got going for yourself.. take care, Mikey

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you, Mikey!!! One step at a time, but I am doing pretty good with the preparations for my upcoming events and working myself through what I brought along from California 🙂


  5. Thanks for your continued visits to my blog and encouragement Mikey 🙂 We are on the same page you and I. I have also been evacuated from two bushfires (Australia.) Good old Elvis (water dousing chopper) from the US, saved us from three converged fire-fronts at the ‘evacuation’ point. Life and times hey. It all helps us develop into who we are and what we choose.Thanks for being YOU.You know what that means 🙂


    • Erika, thanks for the thought. I’ve decided to take a break from writing. Mostly very personal and deep reasons. I’ve decided and now understand that the lessons that I’m learning in life are for ME. I savor every insight, but lose something from it when I try to teach or express it. I just want to LIVE it. When I savor it thru living it, the lesson remains full of vitality, and that beacon of light is stronger than any puny words that I could offer. I will write again someday, but I believe I’ve expressed the 100 ideas that I came up with recently, and feel good having expressed those for anyone who did want to hear something new. I may write more later….
      I thank you for your inspiration along the way.I thank you for the continuing positive energy that you give to the world thru your own representation of Life’s Greatness. Our energy is one and I wish you tons of continued success and mostly JOY as you celebrate LIFE in your own way and path. take care and thanks again for all the Positivity YOU add to the world! mikey 🙂

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      • Mikey I am deeply touched by your lines. I totally understand why you take that time out and I think it is a great decision to explore yourself and the secrets of life in eliminating as much disturbings as possible from outside.
        I am happy and thankful that I found a wonderful soul in you swimming on the same wave. Take good care and I am looking forward to hearing from you from time to time how you are doing! ❤ 🙂


      • Love your response. Sort of reminds me of this quote I came across just the other day…..
        The true strength of your belief is not shown by how vehemently you defend it, but by how tenderly you share it. –Mike Tawse


  6. Mikey, take care, enjoy your days, let your light shine and remember to receive the light back from others occasionally too. I hope you will write again when the time is right for you. Your kind and encouraging words influenced my early days on my new blog, and I see from the comments above you’ve had the same effect on others. Peace 🙂


  7. Thank you my friend, Momentum Mikey, for sharing your talent! We all need encouragement and inspiration to stay on track. I have been learning about the law of attraction for the last 5 years. I believe in it wholeheartedly! We are constantly attracting to us what is inside of us. Keep it positive, and we will be just fine! Peace, love, and joy be with you always! ~dp

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    • well you certainly attracted another positive person here. thanks for stopping by and reading. hope something sparked new thought that you then push even farther. learning is never “Completely finished” as your post would say, so thank you for the positive sparks as well. be well and remember we are all the same Engine, just under a different chasis. mikey

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  8. Hey Mikey, I just read your post about mass x velocity equals momentum. I loved it! I am now following your very interesting blog. I love the science thrown into the quantum craziness (I knew a quantum physicist who thought all this positive thinking create your reality stuff being connected to quantum science was craziness.) But I couldn’t leave a comment there??? So I’m doing it here. Thanks for finding me Mikey.
    X Davina


  9. Hey Mike! Thanks for stopping by my (1st) blog. Awesome content you have here. PLaning to come back. So, living in Washington. I just returned from WA two days ago. Visited the Fish Market. Hahaha. Not really. The wind was so strong it was moving me along of its own will. So I promptly turned around and got back into the car. My company went on and braved the winds for about 45 minutes. WA is beautiful, but summer would be a better time for a visit.

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  10. Hey, it’s your niece Cara! I’d love to hear back from you! You can reach me on Twitter at Cara Lynn @astupidpea. If I messed up and you’re the wrong Mike Majerus then I’m very sorry for bothering you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • WOW, Hey Cara! how’d you find this old thing? I used to blog a lot, and was just about to shut it down this year. I also tweet, I’ll follow you on astupidpea, though I don’t do anything personal, just trying to lift the Positive feelings for folks. hope all is well, and you are happy in life! you can always follow back on Twitter or here, but I really don’t “socialize” much on these… be well, live peacefully, and KNOW your Good Value to the world my friend – mikey


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