Cucumber Tao

Shhhh,  don’t tell my wife I said it,  but a cucumber plant is smarter than me!

Gardening this summer,  I placed two tree trimmings into the cucumber cages, for vine support.  I took the climbing tendril and gently tried to wrap it around the branch- to get it started.   To show it the way.

tendrils forced 2

A forced tendril stays stunted and doesn’t support.

The other small branch I just left next to the climbing vine, thinking I’d get back to it when the growing vine was tall enough or older.   Weeks later, the vine tendril that I had tried to gently wrap around the stick was exactly how I left it and sadly not providing any support at all to the plant.

But, to my amazement,  the one that I had just let be, WOW- look at it,  it had grabbed the stick and wrapped itself around tightly, in about 4 or 5 different spots.  Much stronger thru its own experience.

ALLOWED Tendrils 2

Tendrils allowed to feel on their own grew stronger and found support

I can’t suggest, I cant’ teach, or cajole someone HOW TO BE, HOW TO GROW, HOW TO CHANGE.    PERIOD.    What I CAN do, is walk along and just BE THERE.  This little vine discovered what it needed,  when it needed it, and grabbed it and then grew.    It did it when IT needed to, not when I thought it needed it.

I love that plant and tried to show it how to wrap around and use what I could see. After all,  I could see better than it!  (right???)    Well,  I believe I stunted its own natural energy and growth by “showing it the way”!    The tendrils left to their own wisdom, and “feelings,”  found the stick and grew much stronger in that experience.

One of my hardest lessons in my life to  continue learning –  Words never teach, only a personal Experience will. 

So why the blog?  After all, words don’t teach.  I think I’ve written this one for me, to affirm my experience, to chew on it and remind myself of what I’ve had to face and learn this summer.

Hope  you’re having a great summer and LOVING LIFE!!!

Be happy my friends,  MomentumMikey




Don’t eat the Wildebeest

We’ve all seen the wildlife show. The herd’s fleeing momentum is kicking up dust across the fields, the predators are close behind and now a camera zooms down to follow one sorry, singled out animal.

 The NASCAR watcher in you yells, “Yeah! Here comes the wipe-out!” The five year old in you just winces and whispers, “Run, Forest Animal run!”

lion and herd

In nature, a disconnect from a collective, original force can be deadly. Predators know it. Separation from “the bigger you” is a weakening of your Strength, Abilities and Greatness.

A question for you – Does it feel, and all too often,  like you’re the one the camera’s zooming in on?

When you join the Bigger Momentum, the flow of your original force, it can be life-giving.

The Bigger us, as Humans, has a Momentum of the likes that WE can not ever create or even understand, but we DO get glimpses of. When we run with the Original Source Energy we feel the Momentum as Security, Love, Clarity, Joy, Ease, Happiness, and Awe.

Rememeber the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics? The larger Pure Energy flows automatically to me- (see Thermo/Toast post)   I just need to stay up with it.

I would rather go with the Momentum of something so Unimaginably Vast, and Eternal (THAT’s a lot of Momentum and Energy!) and know that it is LOVE and SOURCE and GOODNESS- than to try to feebly exert my own momentum away from it. I will get separated from the larger Momentum, and that never feels or ends well.

Allow the Momentum to help protect, guide and inspire you. THAT is the Greatness, and Strength that is in YOU!

That is the larger Momentum that keeps you ALIVE.