Now it’s our turn

I had the wonderful pleasure of watching a flock of birds last night. Most of you have enjoyed a similar sight, especially at dusk.flock-of-birds

It was the most peaceful and soothing moment in my day.   🙂  Enlarge it on your screen and flow and fly just for 2 minutes out of your day.    Such grace and beauty in the way they flew together, endless shifting directions,  making corners and changing directions instantly AS ONE UNIFIED BEING. Why?   How?  No calls, no squawking, no injuries –  just peaceful movement.

Some folks I know can’t turn a corner or change a lane without using blinkers, horns, or fingers in some cases, without confusion and accidents and anger.

Yet, watch these guys fly.  Especially watch at 1:42 minutes, where  the birds divide and regroup in a beautiful explosion of movement, and keep flying. Not one bird with ruffled feathers drops out.   Rupert Sheldrake spoke of Morphic Resonance, and there’s been hundreds of names and theories, but instead of thinking –  just enjoy it and feel the beauty of it.  

Now, its our turn. Be in tune. Listen to the energies around YOU.

Merge with the Greater energy.

Enjoy the dances of our life.

Juiced or not, it depends on your focus…


It’s 2:30am. I’m watching late night TV. Channel 157 is showing the incredible New law of attraction, fruit you attractImproved Power Pressing Ionic K48 Juicer. Its so flashy, and easy and efficient and gets you 95% of the nutrient without all that bulk.   She’s telling me, with her very healthy and bouncy figure, that it has been proven to reduce toxic pesticides residuals AND increase my absorbable organic nutritional values from the food. OMG!  But Wait- I ALSO get, not 2 or 6, but ALL 16 Free Attachments! No way, someone pinch me!  Take that juice anywhere, and so versatile. ….  WOW, I’ll save so much time, and improve my vitality and even my sex life!  Quick, where’s my charge card?   Only 3 short days till it gets here – the excitement was pulpable. Pardon me, palpable.

I flip the channels and there on channel 171 they were selling- oh you should have seen it!  It was the ZK840 Infra-Red LED Home Fruit  Rotational Dehyrdrater. OMG! With its brushed alloy Thermal Inducers and amazing, patented, SelfClenZing Surfaces, it was a masterpiece,  AND even designed for my ease in my very own kitchen, an equally bubbly blonde was telling me. Totally epic!    This would finally allow me to get rid of that drippy sticky juicy mess and be able to take all 15 mangoes to the  soccer game, or to work, in a single small bag.  I could now take the goodness of bananas into the movie theater without receiving all those strange glances!   How can I pass that up, my life will be so easy and clean.  Quick, where’s my wife’s charge card?

And then it hit me… what SHOULD I do with all my fruit? Am I supposed to juice them, or am I supposed to dehydrate them?    With total free will to choose, it dawned on me that I had just heard two great arguments – selling machines with totally opposite purposes!

They each sounded great. Each idea had solid logic behind them. They each had flash and sizzle.    Each of them had personal experience and  anecdotal, miraculous healings linked with them. So, now what?

Well, before I tell you – let me ask you- what do you do with your fruit?   It probably depends on the channel you were watching, or tuned in to most recently.

  • “I used to dehydrate, but now I juice. Someone told me it was better”- some of you may be saying.
  • Some of you may be saying “I bought a juicer and I used it for two weeks, but didn’t like having to do it daily, so now it collects dust on the counter next to my Dehydrator.”
  • Some of you may be saying…. “What’s fruit?”

Remember that what you DO, and what you HAVE in your life, depends upon the Channel, the Frequencies, that you give your focus and attention to.