The Ultimate Light Show – NOW in a theater in you

OK, so it’s “Blockbuster” movie season. Make your own popcorn or snack and let’s review the most beautiful show around.  Your Life.

You have an amazing life source of ENERGY at the center of you – call it whatever word you want.  Your life is what is projected onto a nearby wall for you and others to see.

Question is – Why isn’t it just a bright white light shining on that wall?

your own projection - LIFE

your own projection – LIFE

Each of us have our own fixed ideas, negative beliefs, and “emotional baggage” creating unique filters that inhibit 100% LIGHT from coming forth.

As we project shadow and light, Flow and lack of Flow, we create a beautiful and unique show. We live.

We as the Director, can decide to just watch it repeat itself as time spins, or we can adjust our focus and beliefs – to change the show we experience.

As we alter certain beliefs, or alleviate fearful thoughts that manipulate the filter that allows our TRUE SELVES to radiate thru – we change our light show.

Einstein once said, “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”

So, do you see what’s a coming attraction in your life, or is it the same old repeated movie?  Use your imagination to adjust your own private blockages, (your own shadows) and also for ways to allow your talents and Flow to come out.

Regardless of what you decide to direct or just watch – it’s still your life.  It’s a beautiful show like no other.

Energy and You – creating a unique BlockBuster that’s never been seen.  Enjoy it.  (And know that others around you are secretly enjoying it too! They just snuck in without paying, but get to enjoy your creation as well!!) 

And don’t take it too seriously, it’s just a light show.

Don’t scatter your Power

Uh oh. Pop quiz. What do you think these four scenarios have in common?

  1. She can break a crystal goblet with her voice, and I can’t.
  2. My “flip-flopping” mental chatter in my head keeps me from making decisions.
  3. The Islands experience larger waves than the Bay shores do.
  4. A typical light bulb can’t cut through steel like a laser might.

The answer to the question is “Frequency“.   What? How?

OK, so picture your half filled (or half empty) bathtub. No one else is looking so get naked and hop in. Just for fun, slide back and forth, (remember being six years old)?  You can make little, choppy waves by quick un-synchronized movements. But, by timing your pattern of movements together, you can also build bigger waves, right?  You can create a tsunami that spills up and over the tub, woo-hoo- I mean woops!  (Do I just have WAY too much time on my hands?)

When you get those little waves in sync, a single frequency strengthens itself, they reinforce each other and it’s technically called Constructive Interference. It can create a wave height TWICE the height as the original wave! This explains the strength of single wave-lengths in water over long distances against an island shore; or the ability of focused sound waves from a singer’s trained voice; or the power of your own trained Thought law of attraction and flow, frequencyEnergy. As they synchronize, or FLOW together in ONE frequency, they gain Power.

When you have out of sync wavelengths you have hills and valleys that “hit” each other, and cancel each other out. This is called Destructive Interference.  That explains why my changing frequency while “singing” won’t shatter a glass. It also explains the less powerful, choppier waves inside the bay or the bathtub, and the light bulb that emits a wide range of light frequencies that can’t cut through metal.  All of this can be thought of as a type of friction, or loss of Power.

Remember that Thoughts are just patterns of Energy. In our thinking, we sacrifice Power when we scatter our thought frequencies. It’s like the Physical thoughts that we have around us all day in emails, social media constantly pinging us, phones calling us, etc.. They can be quite seductive in pulling you away, scattering your focus, from what you wanted or intended to do. By trying to answer every social media ping, or call or email as they happen, you’ve given up control of what YOU want, of your Intention.

Our own Thinking also pings us constantly, as well, in the form of your mental chatter. We may want this, but that might happen…. We have to get this done but first need to do that….  It seems like every day we create choppy, scattered, thought frequencies, and live in the midst of Destructive Interference.

Our Power is regained when we focus, Entrain, our thought frequencies to a single Intent. That is the beauty of asking for, or knowing your Main Intention – (singular focus in life or for a day or for the present). That is the strength of living in the present moment (a singular thought). That is the Power of Meditating or Cultivating your Thoughts.

Think of it like this-  You are stronger and more stable while you focus upon being the hillside, rather than the cows on it. The cows are merely destructive Interfering thoughts, that ramble back and forth across your mental pastures all day.

This week, try to decrease your unwanted mental chatter, focus like a laser, purposefully and effectively make the waves you want and see what old destructive patterns you can shatter!


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