You want me to do WHAT?!

Think back over the last week or month.  Did you have to do something at work or at home that you didn’t think you could do? Maybe you had to fix something just to save some time and money?  It had to be done, so you just did it.

Well, firstly – CONGRATULATIONS to you all!  You’re an amazing bunch, aren’t you?  Woo-hoo!  You’ve succeeded and probably impressed others, as well as yourself. Even thinking about it now kind of lifts your energy a little, right?  Excellent.

At the time the pressure was on, did you think of it as just a Universal Force trying to break your Inertia you had going?  NO? Let’s face it, me either. I usually think of it as a major pain in the backside at first.

Later, however, we noticed that it was only because of this unexpected, outside Force (a coach, a friend, a broken object that you fixed, anything!) that we discovered yet another ability of ours!  WE ARE FILLED with Ability. Do YOU realize how much Greatness you have in YOU?

When something interrupts our Inertia and pushes, or pulls, us out of our comfort zone, we usually feel it as a FORCE.  Remember that a Force is just an outside Energy that when applied will change a Momentum. These changes in Momentum can be thought of as a “gentle” little push from the Universe to keep us moving forward.  (Sometimes there is a larger Mass, or Momentum, and it takes even a larger push- Ouch!) Uncomfortable or not, it is usually this change in Inertia that allows us to express more of our own Greatness. To Grow and Glow.

Momentum, law of attraction in a geyserEvery day, we’re given dozens if not more, subtle ways to bend or stretch to see and approach life in a different way. Remember my favorite expression, “Life leaps like a geyser for those that drill through the rock of Inertia.” 

We must learn to see and allow the Force, in order to feel that Greatness that we keep hidden too often. Too often we’ve hidden it even from ourselves, as well as others.

That Universal Greatness will NOT be contained within you. Believe it or not.  It will find a way to get YOU to expand and allow IT out. Let it Flow!

Old Faithful geyser is NOT know for it’s dry, bare looking mound that it presents most of the time. Not at all, right? It is known and remembered for when it erupts! The Force of Greatness breaks through the Inertia underground and erupts with such beauty and splendor that it draws millions of people from around the world.

Be that geyser. Allow the Forces to break your Inertia and express beautifully the Greatness building and already present in YOU! 

When unexpected Forces feel like they’re putting pressure on you, simply try to remember that you have Greatness waiting, and wanting to express itself out through you.

Simply give in to the Forces and Allow it.  You will succeed and soon you will find people being drawn to You!



(thanks to Maureen Amerune on Flickr for the image)

Who’s butt has your nose?

Have you heard about Processionary Caterpillars? They move in long processions, head to tail, in groups in order to find nourishment, and then to find their way back to their nest.  

In fact, you can create a circle with these caterpillars, around a food source, and yet they won’t find it. Their Inertia, the resistance to change, is so great they will go round and round, and die of starvation and mal-nourishment despite having food only twelve inches away.

Caterpillars in a circle can actually die of undernourishment even while they’re appearing very active. Motivational Speaker Zig Ziglar  used to say “Don’t confuse Activity with Accomplishment.   Do you ever feel like Life’s highway is really more like a circular dead end culd de sac, than an express way to anywhere?  I sure used to.

And you remember what they say, right? – “If you ain’t the lead caterpillar, the view is always the same.”  The problem is when the lead caterpillar is only following the one it is put behind. (bad pun, sorry)processionary catepillar in law of attraction

Next time you feel you’re not getting the nourishment YOU need- lift your head. Change your View Point.  Take a few minutes to look around and see where you’re going. Who’s leading you?  Who’s effecting your path in life?

The Law of Inertia shows that we will remain at our speed and direction when we do not ALLOW an outside Force. UNLESS you are  Willing to step out of line and CREATE a new Momentum, things stay the same.  Use your Power to make choices. 

It’s nice to have a larger brain than a caterpillar. For example we have, what is called by scientists – “Neural Plasticity”, while caterpillars don’t. Neural Plasticity simply is the elasticity for our biological neural network to create NEW pathways that help create different behaviors and reactions. By making new choices, new Awareness, we Allow a new Momentum.

That’s the great news – We are biologically designed to create and thrive on change! Hence, the whole meaning of Response-Ability!  You have the Ability to Respond how you like. Take Responsibility for the Momentum in Your Life!

Remember that Choices are just Expanded Awareness. Lift your View Point. Expand YOUR awareness.

Be a Choice NOT an effect.