Welcome to my first Blog- Blog Goals – Explaining the Law of Attraction with Science

I would like to explain the “mystery”, and the power, of The Law of Attraction in a fun way that makes it understandable for left and right brained people.   Because like the laws of electricity, gravity, and any science – once you understand it- YOU can use it to improve the quality of your life!

If you’re a “left brained” person like I am then the Law of Attraction can easily be brushed off as some Fairy FooFoo mindless dribble. “Where’s the scientific proof?”

However, you may be a person that has already successfully wrapped your brain around the idea. Perhaps you just want to talk about specific examples, or see it more clearly in your everyday life. You may just want a better way to explain it to someone else.

Let me help you with all of that. I can translate for both of you. WOO-HOO!

  • If you can offer a well understood idea to someone else, you have a better chance at giving them something they can purposely use to enrich their life.
  • If you don’t understand an idea,  then it just sits and collects dust and limits what you can intentionally create your life with, right?
  • If you do understand an idea, then you can put it in your tool box and use it every day.

I long ago brushed off the religion I was taught as a kid, simply because I didn’t understand the ideas in a way that made any sense to me!

MY opinion and understanding was the most important thing, and if I didn’t understand a concept then it was useless to me. Know what I mean?

If I don’t understand how Trigonometry (yuck!) works, I’m not going to intentionally use it to my benefit, am I right?

My Bachelor’s Degree was in the Biological Sciences and for me to understand anything, it had to relate to what I knew – SCIENCE.  Telling me to “just believe it” was a pure waste of everyone’s time.

The more I read about personal transformation, and stayed up to date with science, the more I saw those two concepts really merging. When I started reading and hearing  about The Law of Attraction, and looked at the 2,500 year old concept, it just hit me upside the head- that’s the same exact stuff I’ve already been taught, except my college professors labelled it as “Science”!   OK, so finally, college wasn’t wasted on me after all. (Well, there was that one “wasted” year, but that’s a different story.) 

I looked at this social wildfire called The Law of Attraction more deeply and over a couple years the ideas and concepts just continued to blend with accepted and “proven” scientific understandings that most of us already knew!

Well, I took that unused tool off the work bench, and I used that sucker to radically improve the quality of my own life.

These ideas have increased my own ability to feel strong again in my sense of self. This tool of science (Law of Attraction) increased my daily level of happiness, and joyfully improved the relationships around me, especially my marriage to my best friend, Jeanne.

Life is good again.  Pardon me,  Life is Incredible again!  

  • I simply want to share my enthusiasm for life, and to pass on some of my AHA moments and understandings that have come to me and allowed this power into my life.
  • If you want to know why Law of Attraction may not seem to work for you all the time, these blog posts will help explain that.
  • If you just simply don’t “believe in it”, then allow me to explain it better using simple “validated” scientific equations like the Doppler Effect, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, the equation for Momentum, the law of Inertia, discussions on SCUBA and air pressure, Epigenetics, and Entrainment.

To add one of the greatest power tools in the Universe to your life, follow these blog posts.

In order for the Law of Attraction to work for you, you have to understand how to deliberately handle it.  Once you see and understand this simple owner’s guide, the tool is yours to carve out the life you want, and deserve!

So check out my daily blogs and let me know any AHA of your own moments. Most of all, have a smile and pass it on.

Wishing you a most enjoyable and happy journey,

Mike Majerus

and visit me on Twitter at  MomentumMikey