The Field – by Lynne McTaggert

The tag line “The Quest for The Secret Force of the Universe” says it all.

Some have called it the Causal plane, the Monadic plane, Adi, or Buddhic Plane,  but Lynne discusses it as The Field, from the quantum physicists Zero Point Field.

Read it with a sense of journey and wonderful possibilities.  Written for the logical part of the brain, it’s a great little path on your own adventures of thought.

The Field, 4lawofattractionLynne discusses topics such as The Zero Point Field, Coherence, Psychokinesis, and the connections between Consciousness and Healing, and Intention.  The Field connects research from such scientists as James Clerk Maxwell,  Fritz-Albert Popp, Michael Faraday, Jacques Benveniste, Max Planck, Karl Pribram, David Bohm, Russel Targ, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, and Rupert Sheldrake.

Here’s a few thoughts from The Field that really poked at the hot coals in my own brain.

  • By tapping into the Field, Consciousness has been shown to affect plant growth, bacteria growth, rodent behavior, cats and dogs, enzyme activity, crime rates and even Healing in strangers.
  • How this Zero Point Energy Field could explain why “when closely packed together, atoms and molecules exhibit a collective behavior, forming what scientists have termed ‘coherent domains’.”  This collective behavior can also be seen in crowd mentalities, or the beauty of schools of fish or flocks of birds as they instantly all change direction as one entity.
  • Seeds, or the water used for those plants, when held (or thought about) by depressed people repeatedly showed suppressed growth.  Contrary,  holding or thinking of the seeds or water in a positive manner – showed a statistical  difference in growth.
  • Molecules can respond to the Vibration of another molecule in the same way AS IF it had actually touched the original molecule.  Yes, biological chain reactions were initiated when just the sound Frequency was relayed.  This  explains how on average, some 100,000 chemical reactions per second in each cell in your body, could happen, rather than “blindly bumping into each other” like little solid billiard balls.)

The Field can help orchestrate some New Momentum in our thinking, which is what life is all about, right?

Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail, by Greg Kuhn

One word summary for the book- “Failed”. 

First comment is stop using the word “Paradigm”. Please!  I have always thought the word was a cop-out, a sort of “catch all phrase”. There are so many descriptive words to describe mental models and the ways in which we think, I look at the word “Paradigm” as just a catch phrase that sells sold books. Greg uses the word annoyingly throughout the book. It’s a challenge to find any page, sometimes any paragraph on some pages, that does not contain the word!   Even he gets sick of using it and substitutes the word “Fishtank” to represent swimming in one particular Paradigm hypothesis rather than another.   AAGHH!

With a quick nod to Quantum physicists in the Introduction, I was feeling hopeful that I’d be delving into some great new science-philosophy material.  WRONG.  I was quickly let down. There is mention of the basic 20 year old Quantum ideas of Unity, Entanglement, and Non-Linear thought, but nothing new at all.

This is a Law of Attraction book, plain and simple, with a small bit of historical scientific thought to support it. I thought I would love it, enjoying Science the way I do, but found it to be repetitious of other Law of Attraction material and anecdotes previously heard or read.

I appreciate the quick, though slight, discussion of entanglement and unity and nonlinearity and a quantum field that we actually create or pull our experiences from. Just not enough new thought to it, that’s all.

Here’s a few “Not Failed” ideas that I gleaned from it:

  • There was one scientific revolution that taught separatism, and now we are beginning a second that show Unity. (That is what ties in the “Quantum” part.)
  • “you can now consider your expectations to be just as important as your actions. Your preconceptions have just as much impact on any experience as the specific actions you’re taking.”
  • “What makes something good or bad is not the thing itself but the story you choose to tell yourself about it.”  (Just a good reminder.)
  • “building new beliefs is like building a house; you do it one brick (or in this case, one word and one story) at a time.”
  • Greg uses one of his father’s (who is an M.D. and writer) concepts. To “Celebrate Everything” because “celebrating will fill you with positive energy and open yourself up to receive even more from your reservoir of blocked desires.”

I would not categorize this as a Science book. Quantum only refers to the new non-linear type of thinking, that’s all.  We all KNOW that Quantum Physicists DO Fail, like anyone in any Science, so even the title is absurd.

Greg has a “Why Quantum Physicists...” series, and maybe by using the phrase “Quantum Physicists” the book would seem current or the material would be mind-blowing. It is not, in either scenario.

IF you’ve never read anything about Law of Attraction, and have little understanding about Scientific thought and how it’s changed over the last 300 years, then this book is for you.  Otherwise, skip it.


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