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Have you ever listened to a great motivational speaker? By the end of the talk, you would crawl over broken glass to get to your goals, wouldn’t you?  Momentum was your co-pilot and there was NO stopping you.

  • But what happened to that Momentum? What happened to that Invincibility you felt – a day or a month later? Sadly, for you (and for the world!) most of that power, that Momentum – was lost.
  • Why do you have a library of “self-help” books, CDs, or YouTube videos,  and yet feel that not a whole lot has changed over time?
  • Why do some people meditate or pray or read something uplifting Every day?

The answer to all of these is Velocity!           momentum-less rocks from wikipedia

Remember the very important equation of Momentum?  Science has taught us that Momentum = Mass x Velocity.

You can get pumped up with a Thought, (a Mass) –  but if the Thought is not repeated, it gains no Momentum.  Who cares if a boulder is still at the top of the hill,  if it is NOT moving towards you, right?

Velocity must be added to initiate and gain the Momentum that you want!

  • Just as Mass (Your Thoughts) can’t build Momentum alone, neither can Velocity.
  • Velocity, without a Mass behind it, means Nothing is coming at you.
  • You can Repeat (Velocity) affirmations all day long, but without Mass (Thought/Emotions) behind it, you just don’t gain the Momentum you desired in your Life.

When you add Velocity to a motivational, or inspiring Thought you create Momentum. The more Velocity (and Mass), the more Momentum.

Find a source that inspires YOU, every day. As you Feel those inspirations hourly, daily or weekly, you will create your own UPWARD spiral. Soon, you will create that tipping point that Barbara Fredrickson talks about in her book “Positivity“.  As you see and feel the Momentum going in the direction you wanted, you hit that 3:1 ratio of experiencing three time more Radiant, Positive and Building thoughts than destructive, self-weakening thoughts. You’ve gained the Momentum you wanted in your life.

Andrew Carnegie, one of the wealthiest Americans at the end of the 19th century, said “People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.

Build a Mass, an Intent.  Then ADD Velocity. 

Orchestrate the Momentum you’ve been wanting.

DAILY ACKNOWLEDGE THE GREATNESS IN YOU and you WON’T have to settle for mediocrity!

Momentum is your secret key to happiness

OK, here’s what it’s all about. The real key in life is your Momentum.

The classical equation for Momentum = Mass x Velocity.   We all know that a speeding truck coming towards you is harder to stop than a bicycle slowly coming at you. The Momentum of the truck is larger than that of the bicycle.

(You are about to take an antiquated, Newtonian three dimensional equation for Momentum of an object and apply a new Quantum multi-dimensional look at it. Welcome to the evolution of practical science for living.)  

Hey, did your phone just ring? The “sound” of your phone is really just a Mass. The Sound wave of your phone-  will move against your eardrum, and vibrate- causing you to “hear”.    Remember that wave lengths are physical vibrational energy.

Thanks to science, we can even show that Thoughts have Mass.

You are also producing magnetic wavelengths that the latest MEG (Magneto-Encephalography) and SQUIDS (Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices) register as they are broadcast out into the environment. Even older EEGs (Electroencephalograms) could measure our Delta or Theta brain waves.

Sometimes, you very easily “feel” that vibrational energy from others:

  • Ever feel someone staring at you?
  • Ever feel something was “off” about someone?
  • Ever feel the energy spike up or down when someone walked into a room?
  • Maybe feel when someone was “just thinking of you, or was just going to call you”?

Velocity in this equation is simply used to define the rate at which something changes its position through time- meaning “how often does it happen”.  Is the truck moving quickly. OR –  How often do you think the thought?

The directional Momentum in your Life = Your Thoughts (Mass)  x  (Velocity) the number of times you think them.

roller coaster

Science has just become your most powerful and fun tool in your life!

This is how you can change, or add, Momentum into whatever you want. Remember that Momentum Allows Orchestration. When you purposefully direct your Momentum, you direct your Orchestration of your life.

Stop and really let this simple equation sink in.  Think about it.  Revisit the idea thru the week.  It’s just another way of understanding all those “Secrets” passed down through the ages.

  • “With our thoughts, we make our world.”
  • “As you sow, so shall you reap.”
  • “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re probably right.”
  • Your Mass (thoughts) multiplied by Velocity (how often) equals your Momentum in your life.

Take a look at your Thoughts, how often you have them or how often you change them, and you’ll see what Momentum you have, and where you’re going.

Class Dismissed, and you’ve Graduated!  WOOO-HOOO!!!


For now, just Relax.  Know that you’ve just added one of the most powerful tools in the Universe into your very own toolbox.

Enjoy The Ride YOU Create.  You’ve already created your own Momentum.

Now you have one more tool to create the Momentum that you specifically want!