Let the Universe benefit from your Arousal!

Isn’t it just crazy sometimes to watch or listen to someone “In the Flow”, or “In the Zone”?

Whether it’s an athlete, an artist, a passionate speaker, a friend – ANYONE in the zone- where they’ve forgotten their “physical-ness” and are just BEING their BEST- it just damn good stuff, isn’t it?

Neville Goddard once said “If we would become as emotionally aroused over our Ideals as we do over our dislikes, we would ascend to the plane of our ideals as easily as we now sink to the level of our hates.”  Powerful stuff!

That arousal brings so much easy, flowing, Creative Energy when one opens up and focus’ on Ideals.

Goddard reminds me – from where am I getting MY Momentum? Which is energizing the creative power in my own life?  My ideals or my dislikes?   Where am I more focused?

When you hold to your ideals, you raise and create. You evolve. You, in Your Flow, allow expansion, personal and eternal forces are allowed to expand even more. Simply, Momentum – babey!

Perhaps long ago, the single cell wanted more. Then, maybe the consciousness of those 2 cells had a higher Ideal for 3 and then 4 and then organs to develop. Perhaps the driving force behind all of evolution is this Gentle Force of holding to an Ideal of something better.

Holding to higher ideals.

Holding to higher ideals.

Maybe, ascending to one’s plane of Ideals is what continues all species and all consciousness? What do you think?

Either way- ENJOY IT!   Don’t we get to enjoy the ideals that ALL the pre-existing wanted?  How lucky are we!!!!

Do you realize when you get in the car and “have to go to the store” you are ABLE to corral a conglomerate of over fifty trillion cells, and just sit – and have a machine that has been derived for EASE – to move you with very little energy, to a huge food source built near by? Thank you to all that consciousness that WANTED that for hundreds, thousands, millions of years,

My daily reminder is when I get to take a shower in the am, and I CAN turn the water to exactly what temperature I love, WOW- what an amazing luxury I get to live and experience that is only possible because of those that came before me. I thank them and appreciate all of their collective desires that inspired and brought about containment and plumbing of clean, running water, an ability to heat and disperse, to adjust a water flow, the ability to have a secure shelter lit with electricity, that is warmed thru various contraptions…. the list is endless.

I appreciate and acknowledge their Ideals and desires that have come to be a reality. Smile, and love it. Feel their eternal energy, the same energy in you, also enjoy it!!

YOU get to live what has evolved from all those animals, people, plants, ANY consciousness experiences that came before you because of their holding to their creative Ideals!

You even get to live some of your own ideals. Every time you want – and allow it to happen. Look for and Thrill for every one of those.  Hold your focus, your momentum, on your ideals of what you want.  Feel yourself evolving.

You may, or may not, invent or change the world in a single deed, but the power of your consciousness, and where YOU HOLD YOUR ATTENTION has an amazing strength for the evolution of the world.

Hey, that’s just my own opinion, my friends. I’m only living and expressing what’s crossed my path. I just wanted to spark a thought, or your own insight – that might encourage a little “emotional arousal” for YOU to focus, and hold to YOUR ideals!   

Have fun, and thanks for taking the time to read a few thoughts.