Is your life a snorkel trip or a deep dive?

It’s summer. It’s been a week or two since Shark Week was on the TV, and I’m relaxed enough to take a swim at the beach.  Grab your swim suit and join me, won’t you?

Now, let’s “dive” (ouch) into this a little deeper.  Imagine Feeling, like the Salmon, all those naturally good feeling vibrations like Joy, Empowerment, Presence, Appreciation and Love are all on the top layer of water.   Ahhhhhh.  While deeper down, appropriately named, are the abysmal emotions such as Anger, Revenge, Confusion and Justification. Yuck!

What makes each of us feel Uncomfortable at different points in Life is the difference, between where we are meant to breathe – up on top, in the Light, Flowing Breath of Life, versus down in the dark, feeling lots of pressure, constriction and dis-ease.

Remember the science of the Doppler Effect? Source Frequency is identical only when we are closest to it… When we swim up top close to all that naturally flowing Oxygen Source, we Feel Alive and Radiant and Enthusiastic. You are closest to IT and you Flow with spirited Breath and Good Feelings.

When you are NOT at the top of the water, you’re down in those dark yucky feelings, far from Energylike Self-Pity, Fear, Anger and Resentment. You may temporarily feel like a tiny pressurized air bubble rising from somewhere deep down. You may feel uncomfortable, or tight or compact. But, as that tiny bubble, you begin to feel better and naturally expand as you rise in the water column. As you approach your Source Energy at the surface, you grow.

Another way to look at it is how Dr.David Hawkins’ book “Power vs Force”, an interesting look at Kinesiology that discusses Energy Fields. “Influence of the Higher energy fields has an Anabolic, or growth enhancing, effect on a subject, entrainment by lower attractor fields has a Catabolic or destructive effect”.

Did you know that Anabolic building processes usually requires energy to build, and it usually is an Alkaline process?  Growth hormones, or others like Testosterone, Estrogen, and Insulin are Anabolic. So, when we grow or entrain to a higher energy field we become more Alkaline.  (Doesn’t it seem that we were more tapped into a Happier energy field as we were growing and playing as kids?)

Catabolic processes usually release Energy as they break down something, like when you digest your food. Oddly enough, it comes from the Greek words meaning “to throw” and “downward”.  When we shrink, or Feel Fear, Anger, etc.., we contract and go farther down from the Source Energy and entrain with the lower frequency fields.  We become more Acidic. Acidic means having less Oxygen – (the Source on top of the water, remember?) We certainly seem to have more biological deterioration, (Acidity) as we focus more on “stresses” as we age.

[Just an interesting tidbit. I’m no doctor, but I find it interesting that it’s been said that cancer cells tend NOT to grow in an Alkaline environment (pH of 7 or more), which is the pH of Pure Water.]

Most importantly, remember these “Life-guard” Rules for this week:

  • Follow the naturally Good Feelings inside you, so you swim as often as you can on the surface of the water where your Energy Source Flows.
  • When someone yells SHARK! and you panic, you’ll be able to Recover quicker than if you were already tired from consistent, pressurized Deep diving. 

Me, I’d rather snorkel on the Building and Floating Positive side of things, than dive in the negative, pressurized, and getting digested side of things!





From Inukshuks to Electrons…

I was here.

The ancient Inuit people built a pile of rocks in the loose shape of a person and called it an Inukshuk. The Scots piled rocks, sometimes just a few, and called it a Cairn. Sometimes the marking is on public property and we call it Graffiti. Some have wanted a Headstone.  A metaphysical person might call it a Ripple. Some of us use a Blog or Facebook or Tweet or a Book. Some folks use ALL of these and more.

stacked rocks for momentum

People have always wanted to be acknowledged. We want to leave our mark that shows “We Were Here.”  We may think that we are just a pebble dropped in a pool of water- but we want to see we’ve made a wave. We want to see our ripples counted for something. That someone noticed OUR very existence.

Whether those ripples were cast in stones or electrons, you want to leave your mark showing that you were here. YOU matter! 

When we celebrate your birthday, that’s what we celebrate! It’s not about a year of age, it’s about the countless ways YOU’VE touched the world!

Too often, people forget, that EVERYDAY you are creating these ripplesYou create waves endlessly, and most of them only go un-noticed by YOU.

 Did you know-

  • Your Family, your Friends, your Job- all feel daily ripples that you create.
  • A person you smiled at today that was having a rough day – your smile gave them a needed positive lift that pushed their confidence to a better place!
  • That person who you let cut in front of you in traffic, (who was focused on a personal crisis in their own life) appreciated your kindness. They thank you.
  • That extra little Tip you left for your food server, was the last little amount they needed to buy a gift for someone they love.
  • The cashier who made a mistake, and you recognized it as just that- a simple mistake.  She appreciates you for your understanding.
  • A couple people saw a message or photo on one of your social medias today, and it cheered them up, made them laugh, and remember good times. And even though they didn’t take the time to “Like or Favorite it”, you still touched their day.  Thanks!
  • The stranger that saw you do something well, was inspired to try again. 
  • Your laughter lifted me, it warmed me, and reminded me “Life IS Good.” Thanks!

There are endless ripples YOU create every day, but just don’t see or hear about!

Ever ring a bell?  Where does that sound wave go?  The frequency wave might hit your ears, or others, but then keeps travelling.  Just because your ears can’t hear it anymore doesn’t mean the sound ripple stopped. It didn’t. Energy ripples endlessly. YOU are that energy that keeps on rippling through time and space.

There’s an old Scottish Gaelic blessing that goes: “I’ll put a stone on your cairn.”  Today, whether  its an Electronic “Like” or “Favorite”, a Physical smile or a nod, or just a Positive Vibe like a thought – ADD to someone else’s cairn.

Recognize someone else’s ripples. Let them know they were heard. Let them know they matter.

You do.


(I’d like to dedicate this small thought in honor of Robin Williams. Thank you Robin for the Laughs and the Insight you gave my life. Those ripples continue.)