Now it’s our turn

I had the wonderful pleasure of watching a flock of birds last night. Most of you have enjoyed a similar sight, especially at dusk.flock-of-birds

It was the most peaceful and soothing moment in my day.   🙂  Enlarge it on your screen and flow and fly just for 2 minutes out of your day.    Such grace and beauty in the way they flew together, endless shifting directions,  making corners and changing directions instantly AS ONE UNIFIED BEING. Why?   How?  No calls, no squawking, no injuries –  just peaceful movement.

Some folks I know can’t turn a corner or change a lane without using blinkers, horns, or fingers in some cases, without confusion and accidents and anger.

Yet, watch these guys fly.  Especially watch at 1:42 minutes, where  the birds divide and regroup in a beautiful explosion of movement, and keep flying. Not one bird with ruffled feathers drops out.   Rupert Sheldrake spoke of Morphic Resonance, and there’s been hundreds of names and theories, but instead of thinking –  just enjoy it and feel the beauty of it.  

Now, its our turn. Be in tune. Listen to the energies around YOU.

Merge with the Greater energy.

Enjoy the dances of our life.

Unwind – simply means NO WIND

Thich Nhat Hanh says “It is not the fault of the Moon, if she can not reflect herself in un-calm water. It is the fault of the water.”     You are the water, my friends.

wickipu 2

Wickiup Reservoir, Oregon

Even your own reflection in water is distorted when the water is not still.

When you do not take the time to calm or still the waters, you do not see your own True self clearly. You don’t see Others clearly.

UN-WIND = decrease the wind. Treat yourself to beginning or practicing anything that allows stillness in yourself.

Allow the Moon to reflect in all her beauty. Receive ALL to be seen for what they really are. Enjoy some clarity.

(And I wish each of you a calm and beautiful year, full of joy and happiness!)