Breaking news……. does just that.

Have you ever listened to people talking about a TV show that you weren’t watching? They knew every character, detail, plot or suggested plot, and couldn’t wait to get another fix when it came on television next. To you, without being wrapped up in its Momentum, it all seemed trite. Like you’d heard similar plots before, and nothing too entrancing or inspiring for you to give any of your worthy time towards, right?

Dramas, crime shows, day-time TV, weekly epic movies, “reality shows” – whatever- they are all created to get your attention and sell some commercial time,  no? They have to get you spell-bound and entranced in order to sell the most air time, so the “best” writers are hired.

Don’t forget, the “News” is just one more version of that. Gain Attention and sell commercial air time.

Let me ask you a question. How many times have you watched the news and for your safety, you had to respond immediately to something you just heard? Not emotionally responded, but had to Physically change something immediately?

OK, discounting the Tornado/Hurricane warnings, probably only a rare one or two events over many years. Yet, most people tune in and watch it a couple times a day!

law of attraction in news

We’ve watched the News under the pretense of a “social obligation” so we could “stay up to date, stay informed”. So we could talk about “what was going on” with family and friends. So we could carry on the social meme of “needing to know about all the bad events in the world.”

“Hey, let’s all discuss Someone Else’s life. I don’t want to examine my life. We have THEM in common, so let’s discuss THEM.”

  • Does a economically successful TV show (like the news) get you entranced by having you feel the emotions of the characters that you follow every week?
  • Maybe new villains or hardships each episode, with the “worn out or unpopular” ones just fading away?
  • New, unsuspected characters or items pop up in the scripting to get your attention and hold you spell-bound yet again this week? 
  • Do you get caught up in the Momentum of the writing?
  • Are you following the “suggested suspenseful plots”?  Oooohh, what will happen this week?  Will it all be solved or will new twists develop always leaving you on the edge of suspense with your adrenaline pumping through your body?

As your Adrenaline pumps, impulses spread and direct the fight or flight system in your body. Healing is broken as fear kicks in. The vagus nerve further spreads impulses that affect your blood pressure, digestion, glucose production, liver, eyes, adrenal glands, small and large intestine, kidneys, bladder and genitals. Oh no, not even your genitals! Yup.

Jim Carrey, in a moment of seriousness, summed it up best. The “news is about people’s conflicts tied together in the most exciting (arms flailing around) possible way, and you imagine the world is this horrifying place and you see the news is all this negativity condensed. But it is NOT representative about what the World IS, or what the world Wants!”

Like a lot of TV shows, the News has “broken” a positive view of the world, for the channel’s own Ratings and economic gain. It has also “broken” up a peaceful half hour at dinner, or restful time before you sleep, or Positive attempt to start your day inside your home.

Turn if off before it turns you off from all the great and beautiful things that are happening every day all around all of us. I would guess you’ve probably got enough on your own plate, already. Your own quick journey. You really don’t need more drama and fear, do you? Things that you can’t control, and were not in your vibrational reality anyway until YOU CHOSE to tune in to it. Don’t let a corporation’s merchandising “break” your Momentum of what you think of the world, or what you see in your world.

Most importantly, what are you watching or reading daily that is 99% GOOD- to keep your perspective IN BALANCE? 

At the very least, stop and ask yourself whether you really want the characters on that show added into your life.  Does it offer anything New, Inspiring or Supportive for YOU?  



Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss

One word summary for the book- “PosituforPostivus”.

I’m going to call this one of the Best User’s Guide to Life.

It’s a recommended book for everyone, even if you say you’re 501.  If your response is “I read it when I was the young age of five”  then allow that same kid to re-read and revive! And you know that you have a different perspective from back then, so get the darn book and read it again!

OK, enough of my botched rhyming. As always, Seuss comes across as part Buddha, Inspirational Speaker, OG on the RhymeTime, and mirthful Comedian. A brief synopsis of life, fear, success, confusion, and my favorite – NOT being a person who just WAITS for life to give them an opportunity.  My favorite bamboozlers of wisdom to bamboozle, (without giving away some of the best oozlers!):

  • “You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go.”
  • “With your head full of brains, and your shoes full of feet, you’re too smart to go down any not-so-good street.”
  • “I’m sorry to say so but, sadly, it’s true   that Bang-Ups and Hang-Ups can happen to you.”
  • “And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed!  (98 and 3/4  percent guaranteed.)”

Dang, it’s so catchy…In typical delight, splendor and fashion, Seuss directs how to Live, Alive and with Passion. He’s got all the right rhymes, and a great worthy message.  Go where you want but this one thing he’ll pledge. There’ll be times you’ll be sad, or maybe even afraid. But keep moving those shoes be they leather or suede.  (My dearest apologies to Seuss for all my attempted rhymes!)

Thank you Dr. Seuss for the inspiration to much of my life.