The Law of Attraction will bring you a Zucchini.

As the grocery bags filled our kitchen counter, I had to ask “Why’d you buy the zucchini?”

I hadn’t asked for it. I can’t stand the stuff. In fact, as a kid I used to run over it with the riding mower “accidentally”, as it grew conveniantly at the garden’s edge. Years later, I believe there’s still a dislike between the two of us. So why did it come into my kitchen?

My wife let me know. As usual, it was my fault.

I should have been clearer, I guess, when I wrote “Fresh Summer-time Veggies” on the shopping list. I should have called her at the store to be specific – “I would like some fresh spinach, tomatoes or peas.”

It reminded me of when I was Purchasing for a career.  I knew that the earlier in the process, and the farther from my docks that I could catch the truck, the better chance I had at supplementing or changing What I Was Ordering.

Like in Life, more purposeful focus beforehand equals more agreement with what shows up later.  After the truck shows up at our dock, there is NO further Momentum on it.  As we’ve discussed before, it’s hard to steer a parked car.

However, there IS NEW Momentum for the PO being written today for the truck that shows up tomorrow, or next week or ten years from now. Purchasing is a daily job and takes a keen eye at all times.

Itzhak Bentov’s wild read called Stalking the Wild Pendulum says on these mechanics of Consciousness;

“Matter, being made of quanta of energy, is the vibrating, changing component of pure consciousness. Therefore, we can divide creation into two components, the Absolute and the Relative. The Absolute is fixed, eternal, and invisible, while the Relative is the visible, manifest and changing aspect.”

They have been called by many labels through the centuries, Absolute vs Relative,  Enfolded vs Unfolded, David Bohm’s Famous Implicate order vs the Explicate order, or the Unmanifested vs Manifested states of being. In words for my wife and sister-in-laws to easily relate to – One is the root stock for the vineyard, and the other is the bottle of of attraction prayer boards

Call it what you want but as your own Purchaser, you pull life, experience and inventory from the unseen into the seen. The Vibration, the Wanting, the PO, the Intention, the Prayer, the Asking, the Idea, the Blueprints.. (Labels are so cumbersome!) – ALL COME FIRST.

Regardless of if I changed my mind at the last second, or put nails on the road way or pretended the warehouse was closed – that ordered truck had a load to deliver. Period.  I could spend lots of time studying the type of truck, the length of it, the wheel size, and then break it down to the wheel bearing, and then break that down to alloy-steel ratio, and on and on. I could really look at the delivery system called “a truck” as it sat outside my dock – BUT NEVER-THE-LESS, IT WOULD STILL BE THERE.

Remember the 30 minute Spirit Shine I suggested in the morning, along with you incredible hair?  What a great time to include “writing your daily PO” for what matters most in your life.

Get up in the am, and write that Purchase Order for yourself, and enjoy the feeling of spiritually checking the box that says SEND. Guaranteed, after 30 mornings of trying this, you’ll see different trucks start showing up at YOUR dock.

You’ll probably have the same hair and stubble to deal with, but Life will be a little easier and more agreeable.  You’ll definitely spend less time hiding from trucks filled with inventory that you just don’t want.


PS.  Dear ZEALOT (Zucchinis Eaten ALOT)- Please do not fill my message boards with the amazing goodness of this nasty vegetable.  I prefer to grow them big, split them and stack them like cord wood along the fence row, and save them as fuel for winter.  Thank you.



Shasta the manifester and sea-gull chaser

shasta at rialto beachBorn and given away, she carried no anger or resentment, she only wanted to be loved. She got it.

Living for weeks on a concrete pound floor, she knew there was carpet and softer things again.  She got them.

She knew there would be food when she needed it, and sometimes when she just wanted it.   Boy, was there!

She wanted a soft place to lay when she was tired. She got it.

She knew she was part of a family, and it would be wonderful.   It Was!

She knew she had spirit and love to give.  She gave it.

She only wanted to play, and chase things and explore.  She did it.

She knew when it was time to move on and to teach us not to fear death.  She has moved on and taught us the simplicity of being an endless energy.

Our friend, over the last 15 years, Shasta lived simply and yet manifested everything she wanted and needed.

These tears are only for me.

We have so much to learn from our pets.