Intention and The Finger

Think back.  Did you know how you were going to meet that special person  who added so much to your life?   Did you specifically know how or when you were going to get the job or the house that you have right now?   Chances are you didn’t.

Oh sure, there were lots, even years, of action – but the final meeting up was quite “co-incidental”.  Like playing a game of chess, or any game, you rarely know the full consequences of any particular move that you make right now.  So, don’t “take score” TOO SOON!!

lighting match, momentum and intentionA Match in a matchbox, has an Intention to create a flame. It doesn’t know Where or What surface it will be struck upon to light it. It doesn’t understand about the Oxygen needed for it.  It can’t control when or where the fingers will be that are needed for the striking of it.  It can only offer its Intent. When conditions are right, a flame will be created.

We can only focus on our Intent. When the time is right, our Oxygen, , and Fingers for striking will show up. We can not predict or force any of those.  Just as we didn’t know how we would end up meeting our pets or mates, or getting (or losing) that last job.  Conditions will manifest, when the time is right.   

Timing  AH, the nasty little bugger in the issue.  Whose timing?     I WANT IT NOW!

If the Universe were to TRY to keep up with what YOU THOUGHT was the “RIGHT” timing, it would throw complete chaos into a perfectly running system.  We think we REALLY want something – BUT give us 20 minutes, or a day, or a month, and we’ve already changed our perspective, or altogether moved on to something else.

The Universe only does what We should do –  focus on IT’S Intent. IT’s been here a lot longer than any of us.  It holds Galaxies together!  It made sure YOU were the winning sperm and egg out of millions, didn’t it!!   IT  knows when conditions are best for ALL parties involved!

So don’t take score too soon.  Be Persistent, Patient and Positive!  OWN your Intention.

There are many fingers and striking surfaces that you are not even aware of, that will come into play. Just as they have in the past.

And remember, YOU also are a Finger.  You also, are someone’s Oxygen that they don’t even know about yet!     You are a gift, an answer, to their Intentions as well.

You have that in YOU!   Go light a fire!

15 thoughts on “Intention and The Finger

    • Jonna, sometimes I receive so much inspiration from your comments. Thank YOU!!! I’ve been in the middle of changing jobs, going to one that is a combination of a lot of things I like and do well- but A LOT to learn, so my brain and energy have been re-focused and my momentum has had to be in a different path temporarily- so writing here has not flowed lately…. (although it apparently doesn’t slow down “run-on” sentences) 🙂 It felt great to have a good clear thought come thru me, and I appreciate your reading, and your time my friend. Live full, and continue that imagination and energy that you have and share YOU. till we meet again, you have a friend wishing you positive things. 🙂 momentummikey


    • hey, thanks so much for your kind words. I appreciate your time and read, as always. This idea has meant a lot to me over the last year, and felt I had to share the power it positively brought to me. Have a great week. 🙂

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      • You’re very welcome. “Your” inspiring content came at just the right time. I mean it. You reminded me of why I’m continuing with my blog…sharing positive messages that I hope will help people continue to reach for their dreams. Thank you SO much!

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  1. Thanks Mikey! That was a good one! It was particularly pertinent to me because I’ve been single for a long time and recently really putting my intent out to the universe that I am ready to find my life partner. So i love the thought of looking back, how you didn’t know just when that match would strike. How it could strike at any time and all in perfect timing. A lovely reminder. Thank you! 🙂

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    • thanks for the read and the thoughts. with your energy that YOU have, your personality and spit-fire- you KNOW the Universe has YOUR back! Look at everything you’ve safely done, and all the things you’ve seen! Your intent for fun and adventure has always been answered. Your intentions for a (dare, I say – ARG-:”First Matey”:) will no doubt also be answered by the universe. But in the mean time, release it and enjoy all the things that you CAN do Without a partner. (sometimes having a partner can slow that momentum and adventure down!) have a great week my friend, and again, thanks for your time. 🙂 momentummikey


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