Love her like a rotted tree

Be the best rotted tree you can be. Mantra for the week.

Take a walk out into the forest.  You’ll find an old rotted tree.  You can see where it has opened up the forest – from where it had once taken up space.avatar-grove-21

In an extremely interesting book, Mycelium Running -How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World – Paul Stamets says most foresters realize that “a rotting tree in the middle of a canopied forest is, in fact, more supportive of biodiversity than a living tree.”  No truer words on LOVE exist in a mushroom text!

YOU must be the rotted tree. Sounds easy, but it requires attention.  But, that is true LOVE.

  • Love is giving her space for her own growth.
  • Love is providing a source of Nutrients that she doesn’t find elsewhere.
  • Love is not being like Everything else around her.
  • Love is not confining her- to her past, her present, or your vision of her future.

Love is about letting all of that die away, and becoming an open space in her forest that she can grow into.   A source of fresh light and energy.

Just be like the rotted tree and give her space and she will be beautiful.

That is LOVE.


(Dedicated to my beautiful wife, Jeanne.  May I always remember to be your rotted tree.)

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  1. Such a beautiful dedication to your wife. Thanks for sharing that even nature shows us what love is all about. God is love and is in everything.

    Continued Love, Light and Blessings, Emma

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